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We here at Bark Avenue Pet Supply love sharing our knowledge of pet nutrition and care with the community. This Blog will be full of tips and tricks for you and your pet, articles pertaining to natural pet care, and best of all news on all of the exciting events and things going on in the store!



Bark Avenue Bake Sale!


Baking kibble has many benefits, it is less processed and picky pets usually love it. It retains more flavor and nutrients because it is cooked at a lower temperature than a traditional kibble. Check out the “5 Benefits of Baking” from Lotus Pet Foods.


Pets with Health Problems? Why We Recommend a Raw Diet.

We are a store dedicated to helping you keep your pet as healthy as possible which means we often see pets that are really struggling with health issues. The most common issue we hear about in our store is dogs and cats with out of control allergies. Itching, dull flaky coats, goopy watery eyes, hot spots, diarrhea, and vomiting are usually the symptoms we hear about. There are also those dogs and cats who are just not interested in their food and incredibly picky.  On the other end, we see many that are lethargic and overweight with no energy. That’s usually the point at which we see people come in to our store, frustrated,  desperate for answers, and looking for something to help their ailing pet. Generally for issues like these we would recommend raw foods.

Now raw isn’t for every pet, however the majority of pets we see with health issues, or just looking to make a switch to healthier food, thrive on raw. First of all they poop less, less frequently, less of it, less smell, and who wouldn’t want that? Skin and coat health improves, itching, scratching, sores and hot-spots virtually disappear in most pets. Dogs and cats fed raw have cleaner teeth, their breath smells better, their weight is stable and they have tons of energy and vibrancy.  Complete and balanced raw is biologically appropriate, and low in carbohydrates, which means it is easily digestible. Your pet’s digestive tract has less work to do which means more energy for playtime and keeping the rest of the immune system in tip top shape. Raw food contains enzymes that help keep teeth clean and gut bacteria healthy. Plus a majority of pets go bonkers for it, they absolutely love it and really look forward to meal time. There are some myths and things about raw that may be confusing or concerning though. Take a look at this article by Dr. Jean Dodds that dispels some of the myth and mystery surrounding raw food.

Cancer, Longevity, and the Fresh Food Correlation

We all want our pets to live forever, sadly their lifespans are much shorter than ours. Cancer is rampant in our pets today. Between environmental factors, genetics and everything else to consider it is hard to figure out how, or if, we can help. The bad news is that genetics are what they are, however there is good news as well. You can, with simple dietary changes, bolster your pet’s immune system and give them the best possible chance to avoid cancer and other diseases. This TED talk by Rodney Habib goes into detail and examines scientific studies on the correlation between our pets health, longevity, and feeding a diet that contains fresh food. It is very informative and definitely something every pet lover should consider.

CBD for Pets


CBD is the hot new product for pets, and there is a reason for that. It is all natural and the benefits are amazing, pain relief, appetite stimulant, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, to name a few. CBD has even been shown to ease symptoms and reduce number of seizures, and have cancer/tumor inhibiting properties. Take a look at the articles below for more information on CBD for dogs and cats.




We have treats, capsules, powders, and oils so finding something your pet will take is easy. Many of us who work at the store have tried some of these products for our pets and have seen amazing results. Customers who have tried CBD for their own pets, have had amazing stories and rave reviews as well. If CBD is something you think would benefit your pet, come in and ask about it. We carry the following brands:




Let’s Talk Turkey…


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, it is a time to celebrate being together with friends and family, including our four legged and furry ones. We all love our pets and want to share in this season of giving with them. However, certain foods and even decorations can be hazardous to your pets. Here are two lists of foods, ingredients, and decorations to be cautious with this holiday season.



Only talking about what they can’t have is no fun though! Here are some pet friendly recipes from The Honest Kitchen you can make for them.



We understand this time of year is hectic! So we also have plenty of dog and cat friendly fare in store that is already made and easy to serve. So make sure to come in and pick up some tasty treats so that they can celebrate with you!

What can you do to boost your pet’s diet?


At Bark Avenue Pet Supply we make your pet’s health our number one priority. Understandably not everyone has the time or budget to feed raw or human grade fresh food diets for every meal. However, whole foods like fresh meat and pet friendly fruits and veggies make a big difference in the health of your animals. Check out this article from Dogs Naturally Magazine By Phivo Christodoulou. Although the tips are written for dogs, our feline friends can benefit from some of them as well.  Incorporating any of these into your weekly routine for your pet will make a difference in their overall well being.